466th Bomb Group

Honor Roll


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The following list comes from "Attlebridge Diaries" by Woolnough. It lists each name followed by the CREW NUMBER and a letter signifying their position in the aircraft. P: Pilot, C:Co Pilot, B: Bombardier, N: Navigator, E.: Flight Engineer,

R: Radio Operator (Usually Top Turrett Gunner also), G: Gunner (Right Waist, Left Waist, Tail Gunner, Bottom Turrett Gunner). PN: Pilotage Navigator,  MO: Mickey Navigation Operator*, OBS: Observer

* Mickey was a radar navigation device to help find a target through clouds

All names are listed by the Date of Death.  


April 15, 1945    George Grover  541(R/O)                        POW from 9/0/44

died in German hospital immediately after release 4/15/45 from malnutrition & dissentery